Yielded 2 Him - Who We Are

Combining deep rich vocals and intricate melodies, Yielded 2 Him endeavors to present music that uplifts, encourages, and inspires everyone to a greater relationship with the Lord.  As individuals, Minister Olevia R. Smith, Minister Denine L. Webb and Brother Sidney D. Caldwell, have established themselves as anointed, Spirit-filled vocalists and composers who have shared an abiding, personal relationship with God and each other for over 30 years. However, it was after they were united in ministry at Sword of the Spirit Church, (Chicago, IL, Dianne E. Haynes, Pastor) when God’s vision for them as a group was revealed.  

 As Yielded 2 Him, these dynamic individuals have come together to provide life-changing ministry through their music.  Additionally, God has commissioned them to “honor the anointing of God by perfecting the skill of His people”.  Through on-site workshops and seminars, they fulfill this calling by offering Biblically-based teachings regarding the balance between anointing and skill. Because of their obedience, God has provided opportunities for Yielded 2 Him to perform live, on television and on radio in the greater Chicagoland area.  Their debut release (December 2012), is an EP which showcases the distinct vocal abilities of the group and serves as the prelude to the upcoming CD release.  The current release is available on many digital download providers including: CD Baby, iTunes, and eMusic.